YEAR 2018

12.04 odebranie kluczy od Przestrzeni DOMIE

17.06 -Local reconstructions of Saint Martin: Dinner at Martin's

 Kolacja u Marcina


As part of: Malta Festival Poznań



Let the huge reconstruction of the central artery of Poznań be an excuse to take a closer look at św. Marcin Street! In the planned events, we will check what is hidden behind fences and excavators and try to change the perspective of perceiving renovation.

Event schedule:

19:00 | DINNER AT MARCIN’S Kołorking Muzyczny, SKALA, Czas Kultury, Ostrøv, $ drylownia – pracownia artystyczna Justyny Dryl, Łazęga poznańska, FWD:, DOMIE

21:00 | IN THE LAND OF VISUALIZATION Muzealne Biuro Wycieczkowe


Reconstruction of St. Street Marcin allowed us to discover unique galleries and collectives that have started to appear around her or have been here bravely for years despite the noise of excavators. During a multi-course dinner at Marcin’s, Kołorking Muzyczny, Skala gallery, Czas Kultury, Ostrov, Drylownia, Łazęga Poznański, FWD gallery will open their hospitable doors to us. There will be tasty snacks, conversations, visits to exhibitions and interiors, and many surprises!

Free entrance!


The Museum Tour Office has the honor to invite you on a journey to the land of visualization – a place that stimulates fantasy about the future, where the construction of a new world begins. Renovated part of Św. Street Marcin will become the setting for a performative study of change. During the trip, we will look at the processes of evolution of urban space, landscape, body, ideas, societies and political systems on the example of a construction investment.

Free tickets are required for the event! Available for collection at the Poznań City Information Center

Centrum Informacji Miejskiej Poznań


The events take place as part of the LOCAL RECONSTRUCTIONS series.

St. Street Marcin has been playing with passers-by for months, changing the choreography of his daily trips to work, home and cafes. We are slowly getting used to the sight of machines, fences and sand mounds. Passing by the visualizations prepared by the designers of the “new center” of Poznań, we wonder about the emerging shape of this place. What will the center look like after the renovation is completed? Will the planned energy injection be enough to give him vitality?

11.07 - Performance Body Corporeality / Residence Sal Lam Toro / July 2018

18 - 25.08 - Double birthday level extended


Two Saturdays, two people with experience of life as a woman, two double birthdays. Kasia and Martyna on August 19 and Kasia and Martyna on August 25. Equally and double.
We invite you to both events at DOMIE, where we share our time, guests and impressions. We are united by friendship and common plans. The days are not like usual.
What is DOMIE? It’s a hovel that we rented for 10 years. We invite people to join us. And we spend time there ourselves.


Attention! Martyna is turning 30, so she may go a little crazy. Kasia only next year.

Everything will take place in the middle of the renovation, which we deal with every day, surrounded by an even bigger renovation, which we will not comment on, there are many surprises waiting for us, which we will try to anticipate.

Together, twice and both, we will make sure that the guests of both feel at home.

We will be honored!


The birthday party is an open workshop, so expect to see a lot of things you haven’t seen before. :***********

The project is co-financed from the budget of the City of Poznań.


9.09 - Meeting with Mor Efrony / summary of the residency / September 2018

4.10 -FORM / Budokan Boys

4.10 – FORM / Budokan Boys

~ F O R M  ~

Budokan Boys is a guitar + saxophone duo that sounds like DAF meets Residents. They come from New Orleans (USA), live in Vienna (Austria), play – as they call it – strange synthetic pop.

COMPOSITION: Jeff T Byrd, Michael Lee


Jeff Gburek – guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and composer, practicing field-recording. He cooperated with, among others: with Tetuzi Akiyama, Mari Akita and Keith Rowe.

He will perform an ambient improvised solo set using an electric guitar and loopers.


~ FORME will host DOMIE~

tax: 10 

[take your drinks]

~ other ~ cool ~ interesting ~ come ~ listen ~ talk ~


15.10 Aleksandra Kluczyk / Playing with Feces

15.10.2018 Aleksandra Kluczyk / Playing with Feces



At the invitation of Tomek Pawłowski

“Come to my garden – it’s yours”

Come to Domie tomorrow at 7 p.m. for an evening with refreshments. The guest will be Aleksandra Kluczyk, who will talk about herself and her practice. This summer, Ola worked as a cleaner at the “Golfo di Sogno” campsite in Corsica. She is a graduate of the Clothing Technical School in Białystok and a collaborator of the Białystok-London collective Żurnal Zine.

Tomorrow evening we will read Ola’s dramatic text entitled “Cane.” It’s a recording of a stream of consciousness under the influence of hashish. We will talk about toxic relationships, hard work, borderline experiences and life on the wave.

This will also be the first evening of the new Domie resident Line Larsen,

who begins her week-long stay in Poznań.See you

15-22.10 - Line Larsen online residence


Tomorrow at 5pm in DOMIE Mor Mo Efrony will present her work. Come to see, hear, ask and join in the folowing days.


Jutro o 17.00 w DOMIE Mor Efrony zaprezentuje swoją pracę. Przyjdź zobaczyć, posłuchać, zapytać i dołączyć do działań w nadchodzących dniach.

Mor visit – first from the planned cycle – will last for a week

#poznanwspiera #domie #morefrony

The project started during this residency will be developed. We plan to meet in november

27.10 -Closed Doors Don't Squeak / Film Screening by Rafaela Jasionowicz


Rafaela has been helping us since the beginning of DOMIE – with renovations, cleaning, bringing construction equipment and supporting us. This Saturday we invite you to a screening of short forms of experimental film by Rafaela Jasionowicz.

“Each of the films is a separate journey, both in terms of visuals and content – they are united by a strong dominant of unreality and oneiric character. A space torn between reality and sleep, introverted, full of minor anxieties, where problems from the life of modern man are presented metaphorically and poetic.

Various techniques were used in the films: including: images created as a result of: working on mock-ups, photo collages, combining real elements with the image on the computer screen. The whole thing is complemented by an original soundtrack.

The project is co-financed from the budget of the City of Poznań.


28.10 -Ferment with Adelina Cimochowicz / preparing pickles for the exhibition together


Common meals were to be the basis for spending time in the space at ul. Saint Marcin 53a and was an important program element of the first season. Sanitary conditions and the condition of the DOMIE do not yet allow for preparing and eating meals together on site. That’s why today we think about the House more like a Pantry than a Dining Room and we will try to protect ourselves against the coming winter, difficult times and subsequent challenges related to the implementation of the concept.

At this initial stage, we decide to make supplies that will survive the ongoing renovation and mature as the work progresses.

This Sunday, together with Adelina Cimochowicz, we are preparing pickles. We will pickle vegetables and fruits in various configurations and compositions – classic ones, as well as slightly more experimental, abstract ones. As they age, the contents of the jars continue to “work”. It transforms and generates energy. We will include not only vegetables and fruits, but also dreams, ideas and values ​​related to the place. The stock prepared in this way, as a symbol of ferment and a kind of capital for a good start, will be a witness of development, events and a part of the microhistory of DOMIE.

/Tomek Pawłowski

Adelina Cimochowicz (1992) artist, cook, activist; uses video and photography to look at borderline emotional states and nervous crises.

With great difficulty, she graduated from Architecture at the Białystok University of Technology and with even greater difficulty, she graduates from the Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

The fermentation will begin this Sunday at 14 at HOME. Starting today we start collecting jars – write and come to leave them – the more the better.

We will also be grateful for your declaration of attendance, send messages on the association’s fanpage or e-mail:

#poznanwspiera #domie #ferment #posiłek

The project is co-financed from the budget of the City of Poznań.

15.12 - Same Same but different Zuzanna Siemińska

14.12 - Mass Destruction by Dylan Kerr, Clíona Ní Laoi, Brooks Fred