YEAR 2019

9.03 FORMA / Baby Satan Records

Baby Satan Records | label showcase 




A Berlin based label that also exist in other places and other times, since time is not linear and space is only an illusion.


// experimental / dark wave / ambient / shoegaze //

A labour of love by Diego Delgado: graphic designer and videographer based in Berlin. Accompanied by 16mm video projections, the live project is a semi-improvised journey through his musical influences, touching on ambient, noise, shoegaze, motoric mantras and experimental techno.


// r o c k / post-punk / country //

Secret solo project. inspired by road movies, cowboy boots, and strange dreams. it that musical equivalent of a diary, combining post punk sound with the longing of country.


// witchpop / dark ambient / experimental // 

Ambient creepy-pop, influenced by public transportation, psychedelics, and being on public transportation on psychedelics.

Dane Joe released last year her first album “New Age” on Baby Satan Records


A sound ritual of exorcising sadness and fears. SKY In her recordings is using the language of sleep and nightmare, oniric harmony of vocals and melancholic passages of the synthesizer. SKY tries to evoke the spirits of the past and lull internal demons. Her songs echos the climate of the missing episode of the Twin Peaks series. Her second album “p r e y” was released with the joint forces of Three Sixes and Baby Satan Records.

Adelina Cimochowicz PIEŻARNIA / Screening of the film PICKER by Horacy Muszyński / Katie O'Neil concert / 15.03.2019 - 14.04. 2019 LINK:

DOMIE cordially invites you to the grand opening of the first exhibition!

19:00 Opening of Adelina Cimochowicz’s exhibition SPIŻARNIA / opening of exhibition THE PANTRY by Adelina Cimochowicz

20:00 Pre-premiere screening of the film KISHONIA, dir. Horacy Muszyński. pre-premiere screening of movie KISHONIA directed by Horacy Muszyński

21:00 koncert KATIE O’NEILL / concert by KATIE O’NEIL 


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Adelina Cimochowicz

Kuratorki: Tomek Pawłowski, Katarzyna Wojtczak

czas trwania wystawy: 16.03 – 14.04. 2019 (zwiedzanie po umówieniu)

Współpraca: Zuzanna Siemińska



Katie O’Neill is a multidisciplinary artist from Dublin, Ireland. O’Neill is originally trained in Photography and Fine Art. In recent years she moved into sound art, writing and performance, still keeping a strong visual arts practice. O’Neill blends analogue elements (four tracks, reel to reel tape players, dictaphones) with electronics, voice, field recordings, samples, guitar and a variety of other instruments to make what has been described as “otherworldly dissonant chansons”, made up of layers of ethereal sounds, “ballad-like at one juncture, discordant textured noise at the next” (Golden Plec, 2015). O’Neill blends dance and performance to express a world of emotion and an exploration of the subconscious.

Poster designed by Henryk Brzeski aka. DOLAR MODA


solo show by Adelina Cimochowicz 

curated by Tomek Pawłowski and Katarzyna Wojtczak 

duration: 16.03-14.04 / open by appointment 

The only story about the beginning of the war that grandmother Pelagia ever tells is the one about lard served on shards of glass from a broken jar. Toruń was bombarded from 1 September for nearly a week – the airport, the railway station, two bridges on Wisła. On 7 September the Wehrmarcht army entered the city and Toruń capitulated. Fleeing seemed the only choice. Grandma Pelasia managed to grab a few glass jars of lard from her family’s pantry. The glass broke in the commotion, but the jars were held together by cotton cloths. Grandma still clearly remembers the phrase: ‘Pelaśka, gimme one shard, will you?’. She would hand out little shards of glass with lard to the ones who accompanied her and her parents in hiding. It was an easy and fair way of sharing equal servings.

The core of the site specific installation dedicated to DOMIE is supply of more than 150 jars of pickles, which were set on during Adelina’s Cimochowicz short residency in October. That’s how “The pantry” began to arise. A place for collecting supplies, saving food and protecting yourself. In special shelves artist refers to techincs of barricading and self-defense. She creates a catalog of the states we are experiencing and a set of tools that can potentially be used in the face of the apocalypse. Catering for the end of the world. 

Similarly to previous realizations, artist investigates fears felt both in everyday life and crisis situations. In this case it’s the conviction about a catastrophe that happens in many areas. Adelina, however, does not panic, rather points mechanisms of taming and displacing these emotional states. She mixes tiredness of next tragic informations about increasing cataclysm with tries to maneuver between opposite realities. The world of biusness as usual, growin temperatures and social inequalities. The world of own emotions, problems and matters.The world based on exploitation and suffering, but at the same time quite safe and relatively prosperous. How to act and deal with each of these aspects ? In this situation, doors locked with nails feels better than sadness which definetly will come tomorrow. A little bit of pink to be merrier and a lot of salt. 

Today pickling, tomorrow baricading. 

The exhibition will be accompanied by a program of events: meetings, workshops and performances. Detailed program soon.

Adelina Cimochowicz (1992) works with photography, video and communal activities. She finished an architecture at the Technical University of Białystok. She studies at the New Media Faculty at The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She is an activist cooperating with the Committee of Residence Defence. Laureate of the Grand Prix at Young Wolves Festival 2017, Special Jury Award of the Hestia Artistic Journey and the Prize for the Young Artist named after Maria Anto and Eliza von Freytag. Her first solo exhibition “How do you feel today?” took place at Kronika Bytom in 2018. She took part in the exhibitions in the Gallery Salon of Academy and CCA Ujazdowski Castle. Lives and works in Warsaw. 



HM Channel presents the most acid movie of the year. The apocalypse has come! It were made by polish pickled cucumbers! Two scientists, with help from the Japanese expert in Polish food, trying to solve the problem of weird disease caused by cucumbers. Will they be able to save humanity together?

Scripted and directed by Horacy Muszyński

Production HM Channel

Music by Bartosz Zaskórski/Mchy i Porosty

Special effects by Rufus Rufson

Lector: Tomasz Knapik

Horacy Muszyński – B. 1994, student of experimental cinema on Faculty of New Media and Painting at Szczecin Art Academy. Laureate of Young Wolves Festival 2016 and Hestia Artistic Journey. His main field of interests are experiments on the intersection of the film an perforomance. Under the bran HM Channel he creats movies inspired by easthetics of 90’s. Lives in Szczecin. 

24.03 Bread workshops with Łukasz Radziszewski

We cordially invite you to workshops with Łukasz Radzisz devoted to baking sourdough bread. During the workshops, Łukasz will share his knowledge, skills and a portion of ancient Podlasie Sourdough.

Please bring your own baking tin/plate/dish.

Start: Sunday, March 24, at 14:00

HOME, St. Marcin 53a

We invite you to sign up. Applications are accepted until Saturday, March 23, at midnight, via Facebook message or

Topic: bread workshops

“We received our home-made sourdough as a gift from a friend from a neighboring village. In turn, she received it by accident several dozen years ago in Białystok. This is where the history of leaven for bread ends, except for the clue that the leaven came from another part of Podlasie. When you lose contact with the previous owner, it is difficult to determine where the sourdough came from. Thanks to the modern freedom of movement and building new relationships – this silent, binary exchange has expanded the reach. Subsequent jars with a portion of our regional, home-made sourdough starter have long lived all over the world, in places very distant and different from Podlasie. With the movement and distribution of leaven, a form of locality is created. Basically, we are talking about the creation of a new, sophisticated and unusual social structure, networking.

Who are the people connected by such a circulating artifact? I imagine that this has always been a special element of neighborly diplomacy. Nevertheless, it is a good, if not one of the best, ways of maintaining mutual goodwill and good memory. Gift economy. We share the potential, the possibility of making bread on your own. Cheap, healthy and your own. It includes the simplest, fundamental emotions and messages. ” (Łukasz Radzisz, fragment of the text “Zakwas”)

Łukasz Radzisz, born 1989 in Białystok. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He works in various media. For now, the basic forms are bread, drawings and the Komputer Gallery. For several years, he has been developing a community of home bakers – created from scratch around a special, ancient leaven. He is interested in social utopias and broadly understood collective perception.

The event accompanies Adelina Cimochowicz’s exhibition “Pantry”

29.03 Sea Buckthorn Treatment with Diana Lelonek 

We cordially invite you to a Friday meeting in a homely atmosphere with Diana Lelonek! The main topic of the meeting: SEA BUCKBIT.

This Friday we will meet with Diana to talk and listen about the sea buckthorn heap, which she initiated, about open pits, and about the possibilities of survival in times of environmental catastrophe. We will drink sea buckthorn tea and watch photos and videos from abandoned post-open-pit mine cities.

Seaberry Slagheap

Local processing initiative. He extracts juice from heaps of brown coal mines in Eastern Greater Poland. The first sea buckthorn harvest took place in the autumn of 2018, the juices that were created became the basis for the action during the Climate Summit in Katowice. Currently, preparations are underway for the next sea buckthorn season and Sea Buckthorn Days scheduled for October 2019.

In Poland, sea buckthorn occurs naturally only in coastal areas. In other parts of the country it occurs mainly in open-pit areas. In Eastern Greater Poland it can be found in extremely large quantities. Driving through the region, it is impossible not to notice sea buckthorn bushes appearing in many places. They form sea-buckthorn thickets, sometimes covering very large areas, e.g. the heap left by the Jóźwin I mine. This steppe plant thrives on barren, industrial land. The current steppe phenomenon in Greater Poland – caused by climate change, poor rainfall (one of the lowest in the country) and the drying of areas by coal mines – may cause sea buckthorn to be the plant of the future for this region. This post-apocalyptic plant in this context is very multi-layered. It has many positive aspects – thanks to its properties, it adapts the land to the arrival of more demanding species. At the same time, sea buckthorn is rich in huge amounts of vitamins and antioxidants, it is called a superfood. Wouldn’t it be better for Eastern Greater Poland to be associated with sea buckthorn instead of coal? Sea buckthorn basin instead of coal basin. The sea buckthorn heap aims to popularize this idea.

DIANA LELONEK – (born 1988) artist, PhD student at the University of Arts in Poznań. In her creative practice, she analyzes human relations with other species, criticizes anthropocentrism, and is involved in climate action. Nominated for prestigious artistic awards, winner of the “Polityka” Passport 2018 in the visual arts category.

11.04Zaumne / Everything / silent touch / Skinny Girls

7.06 ConcertPisst Mist 7.06.2019

Concert Pisst Mist



This Friday we presents our Friends from Ireland:


Inspired by trashy 70’s occult pornography SSMMÜTT are a three piece ubergruppe from Dublin playing industrial, noisey kosmiche music with brightly coloured, devilishly themed psychedelic visuals.


A grumpy and loony rebel squeezing a big load of frustration out of his vocal cords. 

From nine to five he’s pulling 1100liter trashcans, caring for an elderly woman, cleaning a bar and a hostel. 

For the money? A passing fancy? Yes. But no. A breeding ground for a society-critical squaller who’s fly fishing for senselessnessmonster in our middleeuropean blablabla. Lots of rapping, shouting, screaming, opera singing and jumping.


I Am The Main Character are a group comprised of several musicians from the Dublin improvised music scene. 

Furious and mercurial, this electronic/live combo rip through super accelerated ‘pop’ tracks, often in 2 minutes or less. 

Stemming from the deluded protagonist nature of their subject matter, the two vocalists fight live on stage for the starring role.

DJ JC LEISURE – Tape DJ Jake z Liverpoolu.

Wykona set mieszanki muzyki archive of jungle/pirate radio. 

Jako ciekawostka, jest to jeden z nielicznych dj, którzy grają z użyciem kaset.

SSMMUUTT [psych kosmiche, IRL]


Traashboo [noise rap, DE]

I Am The Main Character [noise punk, IRL]





Robert Ickis Mirolo Illustrator

27.06 Brick Throws / Meeting with Tina Keserović

Tina Keserović is a Yugoslavian (necessarily an Austrian) artist who combines her acting education with other disciplines to produce, curate and perform resistance in the context of cultural work.

Tina will talk about her own work experience in both Western and South-Eastern Europe (the Balkans), oscillating between these two spaces. She will cite examples such as:

  1. the fight against the local authorities during the organization of the Zadar Snova Festival and other local conflicts taking place in Zadar (where she lives)
  2. cooperation and settlements with the Robert Bosh Foundation, which design projects to connect people from different cultural areas, but has difficulties understanding them
  3. changes of fronts in and outside institutions, policies towards people recognized as foreign (non-German) and ways to overcome them (strategies developed in the preparations of Das Erbe with Ersan Mondtag or work with Pinar Karabulut)
  4. recalling the Cold War initiative of the Non-Aligned States Movement, which united 120 countries with anti-imperialist, anti-colonial, anti-racist ideas and opposition to other forms of oppression as part of her history

Tina will give examples in the form of a report, she wants to point out those practices that are used in left-wing cultural scenes, but which destroy and weaken them, while fascism strengthens its structures and grows.

Tina will also talk about her actual projects, including a project involving artists from various parts of the former Yugoslavia and recalling the resistance strategies used by the Antifascist Women’s Movement like Nadin Artikal, which refers to the figure of partisan Nada Dimić, in which performative actions are associated with the production of feminist clothes implementing the ideas of sustainable development.

11.07 Dave Philips / Emerge / Emptyz / Dąbrowski 





DOMIE, Święty Marcin 53A, Poznań

11.07.2019, godz. 19.00

wstęp 10 lub 20 zł (wedle uznania)

dave phillips / dp

sound as communication in direct and primal form, a language, a tool of metaphysics, a conscience and a consciousness. works that oppose the omnipresent restriction and reduction of life and living, and activate primordial shared emotions otherwise hidden under the debris of civilisation, inviting rumination, encouraging intervention, endorsing catharsis, liberating, therapeutical. sonic activism, ritual protest music.

touching on topics such as environmental sensitisation, sentient awareness, animal and human rights and existentialism, dp is actually more interested in how these and related topics interconnect, the hyperconnectivity some call chaos. ringing in the era of humanimal.

methods are audio de/construction, composition, sonic rituals, psycho-acoustics and performance. tools are voice, body, field recordings, electronics, objects, video.

born 1969 in switzerland, dp has been sonically active for 30+ years, has appeared on over 200 releases

and has played near to 600 concerts in 50 countries.

Sascha Stadlmeier (b. 1977) has been releasing electroacoustic music with his project EMERGE on international labels such as Drone Records, Tâalem and Frozen Light since 2001. A composer working at the intersections of musique concrète, drone, and noise, he has also been an increasingly active presence in the field of free improvisation since 2016. In addition to live electronics, his improvisation practice involves guitar, bass, and amplified objects. Collaborations with other musicians from a very wide range of styles form an important part of his work, with collaborators including If,Bwana, Doc Wör Mirran and Toy Bizarre. He has been touring Europe extensively, with concerts in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bulgaria. His music has been presented at many international festivals including Avantgarde Festival, lab30, 20 years of MGNM, Zasavje Noisefest, Ecological Sound of Varna Fest and Autistic Campaign Fest. While a prolific composer and performer, Stadlmeier has also created various sound installations and a radiophonic composition for West German Radio’s renowned Studio of Acoustic Art. Since 2010, his label attenuation circuit has established itself as an important hub in the international experimental music scene, with releases by more than 100 artists from numerous countries to date. attenuation circuit also regularly organises concerts of experimental music at Stadlmeier’s home base in Augsburg, Germany.

EMPTYZ works on the extremes. It balances between harsh and noisy textures and soft soundscapes. It combines deep backgrounds, glitch art, instrumental loops and aggressive harsh noise to create songs with a very personal feel.

Dawid Dąbrowski 

composer, improvizer, music producer and performer. His sound can be described as modular-fiction / sonic anomalies.…/dawid-dabrowski-live-ucho-2018… 

23.07 Marti Guillem [DLight] in DOMIE


23.07.2019 (Tuesday)

time. 19.00 – 21.00 

entry: 10zł 

DLIGHT is the most recent project from Martí Guillem.

DLIGHT is based on the sinestesic effect light-sound-light.

Different artifacts are created with the possibility of controlling different kinds of light and sound parameters that effect eachother.

A poetical and hypnotic experience out of standards.



Heterodox artist, who manipulates electronic devices, sounds, images, videos, actions and objects, where it often becomes unusual, unique. Improvisation, experimentation and diy are combined, irreverently but reflexive, mostly in ephemeral proposals. It is characterized by a fresh and changing language that reflects on the social habits and the relationship between creativity and everyday life. He has collaborated with many artists such a dancers, visual artists and performers, and played music and improvised sound with different groups and musicians. His solo works are focused on constant expansion and learning. 

During last years Martí has played and performed more than 100 performative-concerts around Europe, in cities like Vienna, Rome, Oslo,Paris,Barcelona,Valencia, Madrid, Berlin Leipzig, Stokholm, Istanbul, Warszawa, Prague, etc…

more information in:




31.07 Lucy / Mruwki / Max Hima / Elias / Deep Eden / Wszystko w DOMIE

An evening full of music – Wednesday, the last day of July DOMIE.

The avant-garde syntpop artist known as Lucy (former member of the collective Dark World),

comes from Massachusetts on his first European tour in Poland to provide listeners with an evening of dying alive in someone’s arms. Known for his unique compositions, Lucy presents each emotion as a separate world worth being discovered and explored in its entirety, regardless of the consequences.

Lucy will be joined by the young artist Mruwki, who performs dreamy rhythmic collages to discover the emotional side of electronic music, Elias, who explores the mysterious depths of club music, and the debuting Max Hima, who will present his songs from the collection “What kind of music did I make when I said I was making music about love?” .

The madness of the evening will be complemented by locals Deep Eden (shitnoise/ambient) and WSZYSTKO (punktrap/brainwrap).

Things for the ears:

10.08-18.08 THE ROLL by Line Larsen in DOMIE

The roll

Alienation and Illumination

On a very long receipt roll is a drawn, painted and written story created during a couple of days in a Norwegian trailer park fueled by sunshine and protein bars. A daydream, a fantasy, a vision of a reality where bulldozing over the status quo is everyday practice, where the past, present and future co-exist, where all authority issues come to the surface and one can get in touch with ones primal side, but also just a place where new ways of being are being build in the forest, boxing matches are behind held as a way of dealing with repressed emotions and people dance on top of buildings and transcending limited thinking and old belief patterns. 

I did not give it too much thought as I drew it, it came from more of a feeling place, so feel free to read it in any way that resonates with you. 

Line Work Out Larsen

Line Larsen is a Norwegian artist who lives and works in her room in Copenhagen. There, he runs the Stay at Home Studios project, through which he talks about the world from the perspective of a person left alone at home.
Over time, Stay at Home Studios expanded to include the Studio Work Out Larsen project, in which physical exercises and nomenclature related to the compulsion to keep the body in good physical condition are juxtaposed with the internal compulsion to create. By introducing the criterion of hygiene into his practice, Line looks at effort not as a derivative of creative work, but as its integral part. It is continuous and exhausting work, taking place in the company of energetic people, motivational films and hardcore music.
The second branch of her activity is interventions in natural spaces, Norwegian landscapes and visual clichés, which she transforms and deforms in a gesture of impossible return.
The object “Roll” presented at the exhibition is a hundred-meter-long drawing wound on a dumbbell. It was made during Line’s stay in Norway – her holiday destination and home. “Rolka” is an intense report of one of those moments when the body leaves the room and extraordinary things happen.
text: Martyna Miller
The project is co-financed from the budget of the city of Poznań. #poznansupports #home

18.08 - 21.08 DOMIE MODY LIMANKA 

Limanka Fashion House, Last Train to Warsaw, 2019

film, 22 minutes

Dom Mody Limanka is an artistic collective from Łódź, established in mid-2017 and bankrupt in May 2019. The group’s activities largely focused on organizing artistic events in an apartment rented by DML members. Its headquarters were located in a former gynecological office, where professional work and private life ran parallel. Similarly, for the collective, the apartment functioned simultaneously as a private and public space, becoming: a studio, gallery, showroom, home, and, in the case of the latest production, also a film set.

The film The Last Train to Warsaw is the production that crowns the group’s activities and tells the story of the life of a collective whose mythical 5 minutes of fame have passed. The heroes are on the verge of deciding whether to move to the capital, from the completely dilapidated and poverty-stricken city of Łódź, or to stay and pursue a utopian project about “conducting artistic activities on the peripheries of this country.”

Organization Zuzanna Siemińska

He will lead the discussion Tomek Pawłowski



Polish-Lebanese group founded in Beirut in 2016. Gołębiewski, Sehnaoui and Elieh are artists with extensive stage experience and achievements in the field of experimental music, they are fluent in the expressive possibilities of their instruments. This results in passionate but uncompromising music, with an extremely critical approach to form, rhythm and melody.

Adam Gołębiewski – drums

Sharif Sehnaoui – electric guitar

Tony Elieh – bass guitar

Sharif Sehnaoui – Guitarist, leading figure of the Lebanese experimental scene. Founder and director of the international Irtijal festival, which has been operating continuously for 20 years. He runs two labels: Al Maslakh and Annihaya. Co-creator of A Trio (with Mazen Kerbaj and Raed Yassin), Wormholes Electric, Karkhana. Over the years he has collaborated with musicians such as Michael Zerang, Paed Conca, Thierry Madiot, Fabrizio Spera, Franz Hautzinger, Xavier Charles, Tarek Atoui, Tony Buck, Maurice Louca, Susie Ibarra, Eddie Prevost, Jean-François Pauvros, Alan Bishop, Umut Caglar Michael Vorfeld and Saadet Turkoz.

Tony Elieh – bass guitarist and photographer. He is one of the founders of the legendary Beirut post-punk band Scrumbled Eggs, and is a member of the groups Karkhana, Wormholes Electric and Johnny Kafta’s Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra. His work oscillates between noise rock and free improvisation.

Adam Gołębiewski – drummer, musicologist. In his work, he focuses on expanding the possibilities of the drum set and percussion instruments in terms of their sound and expression, resulting in a direct and striking sound language. He has performed and recorded with leading representatives of experimental and improvised music: Yoko Ono, Thurston Moore, Mats Gustafsson, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Ken Vandermark, John Edwards, Kevin Drumm and many others.



BENT HANAA , Jasmina Metwaly / 24.10 - 7.11.2019

BENT HANAA , Jasmina Metwaly / 24.10 – 7.11.2019


24/10, Thursday:

time. 19:00 opening doors

time. 20:00 performance

exhibition open 24.10 – 07.11

curator: Katarzyna Wojtczak

Technical assistance: Krystian Piotr

Bent Hanaa is an audio instalation, which is the result of Jasmina’s residency at DOMIE last year. Jasmina’s father name was Hanaa, which actually is a female name. It means happiness, joy, peace. Bent Hanaa in Arabic means „a daughter of the happiness” which Jasmina uses as her nickname.

The starting point of her piece is an a cappella rendition of Tulet Ya Mahla Nourha, one of the most popular song by Egyptian composer and singer Sayed Darwish. Written at the beginning of the XX century, Tulet Ya Mahla Nourha is a song about a girl who goes to milk the cows in the morning and that on her way is stopped by the glances and admiration of a boy.

Here we have more than a beautiful singing voice.

We have a young woman negotiating a complex sense of belonging.

By singing Tulet Ya Mahla Nourha, Jasmina Metwaly constructs a feminist position against a specific, nationalistic and patriarchal culture. Sound is political by extending or restricting the limits of the body (Brandon La Belle) and that’s what Metwaly is doing here with Bent Hanna: she’s reclaiming her voice, and by exposing her weakness, through the modulation of the voice, she finds her strength. This recording implies an ongoing questioning and understanding of the self: what is my place, what can I do?

At the end of the piece, when it will be difficult to discern one voice, you might think that Jasmina is not one, she’s not a monolith and she’s not alone….

Born to a a Polish mother and an Egyptian father, Jasmina Metwaly is a Cairo-Berlin-based artist and filmmaker, and co-founder of Mosireen collective. She works in video and film, and has recently started drawing again. She likes to work with people and their histories, within different material including texts and archival material such as: scripts, drawings, lectures, manuals and images.

Rooted in performance and theatre, her works focus on process-based practices, that have a social effect through which generates tension between participants and audiences.

Taking a position of an onlooker/ storyteller, she investigates the ways in which images transgress, how the role of the person behind the camera changes with stories, and how these impact collective memory. Her works is process based scrutinizing the methodology of the making itself, how images are collected and archived and how they can take on

new meanings when de-constructed from their primal intention. She is interested in how stories create stories blurring the preconceived boundaries between documentation and fiction.


05.11 Two Uniforms and One Costume: Jasmina Metwaly

8.11-10.11 ZIN FEST //Exhibition of Zines and Artbooks