KOMPLET Association

The KOMPLET Association is an ordinary, non-profit association that runs the primary project DOMIE.


św. Marcin 53A, 61-806 Poznań, Poland.

Stowarzyszenie KOMPLET

Stowarzyszenie KOMPLET jest stowarzyszeniem zwykłym, non-profit, które prowadzi prymarny projekt DOMIE.


św. Marcin 53A, 61-806 Poznań, Poland.

3. Cele Stowarzyszenia:

Goals of the Association:

A) Promoting, supporting and promoting activities in the field of culture, in particular contemporary art in Poland and around the world.

B) Supporting creators, beginners and professionals, who belong to at-risk groups

social exclusion.

C) Supporting socially engaged attitudes among employees of culture and art.

D) Supporting and ensuring equal pay.

E) International cooperation to promote the art and culture of people belonging to the DOMIE community and mutual education and development.

F) Creating conditions for the development of the work of art students: providing space for creative, experimental and storage studios.

G) Popularization of new cultural phenomena and unconventional artistic undertakings for local needs.

H) Promoting artistic practices at the intersection of many fields and cultures.

I) Maintenance and renovation of the headquarters building of the KOMPLET Association

J) Promoting artistic practices that directly contribute to the revitalization of the building.

K) Maintenance and revitalization of the area belonging to the building at ul. Saint Marcin 53A.

L) Developing and cooperating with local cultural centers and creating common, temporary unions.

Ł) Queering the homogeneity of Polish society.

The Association pursues its goals through:

A) Creating an interdisciplinary platform enabling the exchange of thoughts and experiences on the issue

professional, scientific and technical activities.

B) Providing space for extracurricular forms of artistic and musical education.

C) Organizing workshops, lectures, presentations, exhibitions, concerts.

D) Creating an open and semi-public space in the form of an intermedia creative studio with diverse and variable individual dynamics.

E) Organizing exhibitions, discussions, concerts, film screenings (creative) and artists belonging to

groups at risk of social exclusion.

F) Creating publications and engaging the local community in participation and direct cooperation.

G) Inviting guests from other countries, cultural and linguistic areas. Translation of content made available via DOMIE into at least one foreign language.